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Cedar Creek Kyogle Council 6
Cedar Creek Kyogle Council 5
Cedar Creek Kyogle Council 4
Cedar Creek Kyogle Council 3
Cedar Creek Kyogle Council 2
Cedar Creek Kyogle Council 1
Gresham St 13
Gresham St 12
Gresham St 11
Gresham St  10
Gresham St 9
Gresham St 7
Gresham St 8
Gresham St  6
Gresham St  5
Gresham St  3
Gresham St  2
Gresham St  1
Crawler with decks
Tilt Panel
Birds eye view from above
Looking down on Crawler
Moving Bridge Section
Moving more sections of Bridge
Moving Bridge sections
Swinging bridge Deck
130T Jibbed Out
130 T Moving Bridge Section
Lifting part of bridge
Carting Bridge beam
Moving bridge beam with truck & mini Mack
dual lift
130T crane
90T Slew Crane
Mini Mack & Crawler Crane  ready to cart
Some of Holt's Truck Fleet
Steel Monopole_edited.JPG
Steel Monopole 2.JPG
Steel Monopole 3.JPG
Palm Tree Lift.JPG
Concrete Pipes.JPG
55 Tonne.JPG
Steel Monopole 4.JPG
Water Tower.JPG
Water Tower 2.JPG
Water Tower 3.JPG
TRC Bunya Tree Harvest.jpg
Tilt Panels
Steel Bridge.JPG
Steel Bridge Construction.JPG
Steel Bridge 2.JPG
Spandrel Lift.JPG
Precast panels.JPG
55 Tonne Crane_edited.JPG
Ozwide Dual Lift Bridge.jpg
Franna Cranes.JPG
Dual Lift.jpg
Crawler Crane Big Lift.JPG
Bridge Salvage.JPG
55T slew Crane.JPG

Some Photos of Holt Lifting in action...

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